New York Yankees legendary closer Mariano Rivera will start the opening game of the WBC Taiwan.

According to Taiwanese media such as ‘IT Today’ on the 22nd (Korean time), Rivera will start the game in the WBC (World Baseball Classic) match between Taiwan and Panama, which will be held at Intercontinental Stadium in Taichung, Taiwan on March 8.

This match is the second match of the first day of the first round of Group A. The official opening game held in Taiwan is between Cuba and the Netherlands, but since it is the first match to be played by Taiwan, the host country, there is of course the highest interest in the local area.스포츠토토

Rivera, who is from Panama, cheered for her country in its first match against Taiwan and also participated in the opening ceremony of the WBC, an international competition, and took the first pitch as the first pitcher. According to Taiwanese media reports, Rivera is known to hold schedules such as on-site signings, talent donations, and lectures in Taiwan.

Also in Taiwan, we are looking forward to meeting Wang Jianming and Rivera, the ‘Hero of Taiwan’. While playing for the New York Yankees in the 2005-2009 season, Wang became a baseball hero loved by the Taiwanese people by breaking various records such as the first Asian pitcher to win the most and the Asian pitcher to win the most in a single season. When he played for the Yankees, he had a relationship with Rivera, so it is expected that he will be able to reunite after a long time at the WBC.

Of course, Rivera is also a baseball hero in Panama that everyone recognizes. He is a classic closer who has recorded the first place in saves in the major leagues, and is a franchise star that symbolizes the best big club in the major leagues, the Yankees. His fame continued after his retirement, and he was the first to be inducted into the Hall of Fame with a unanimous vote.

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