Gyeseong High School was hit by bad news from the corona.

The Secondhand Basketball Federation will hold the 2023 Federation Presidency National Men’s and Women’s Secondary Basketball Championship in Gimcheon, Gyeongbuk for 9 days from the 2nd to the 10th. Initially, 78 teams submitted applications for this competition. However, the number of participating teams decreased as three teams announced their absence prior to the opening of the tournament.

Prior to the group draw ceremony held on the 26th, Suwon Girls’ High School and Hyosung Girls’ High School announced their intention not to participate during the presidency of the federation due to a player injury. It was an inevitable choice for two teams without substitutes.

In addition, the day before the opening of the competition, Gyeseong High School also expressed its intention that it would be difficult to participate in this competition. Starting from last weekend, a corona issue was detected in the team, and after that, a number of confirmed cases occurred, and it was decided to take a break from this tournament. It is a wise decision of Gyeseong High School for the smooth and safe operation of the tournament. 메이저사이트

Gyeseong High School, which belonged to Group C along with Anyang High School, Jemulpo High School, and Gunsan High School, had no choice but to promise the next one.

An official from the Used Basketball Federation said, “Starting from last weekend, there was a corona issue within the Gyeseong High School team. By the morning of yesterday (1st), a number of players were confirmed as a result of the test, and the school has also conveyed its intention to not participate in this tournament to ensure safe tournament operation.”

Meanwhile, this tournament, which is held as the last tournament of the first half, kicked off simultaneously at four venues, including the Gimcheon Gymnasium.

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