Pearson Morgan, a famous British journalist and known as an Arsenal fan, urged the recruitment of Kim Min-jae.

Piers Morgan said on his SNS on the 16th (Korean time), ‘If Arsenal want to win a major trophy next season, I have a shopping list. Arsenal need all the players mentioned’. Piers Morgan has pointed out Minjae Kim, Kaisedou, Rice, Mitoma, Osimen or Vlahovic as the players Arsenal should sign. Piers Morgan indicated that recruiting Kim Min-jae was essential to strengthen the defense.

Arsenal have been leading the league in the Premier League this season, but have given it up after losing to Manchester City last month. Arsenal is in second place with a record of 25 wins, 6 draws and 5 losses (81 points), four points behind leader Man City (85 points). If Arsenal loses against Nottingham Forest, which will be held on the 20th, while Arsenal cannot win the title on its own even if it wins all of its remaining two Premier League games this season, Man City’s early Premier League title this season will be confirmed. Arsenal have been trying to win the Premier League for the first time in 19 years since Jinnah won the Premier League in 2003-04 season, but it is difficult to win the Premier League this season as well.

Piers Morgan, who insisted on signing Arsenal’s Kim Min-jae, is one of Britain’s leading journalists. Piers Morgan said in an interview with Ronaldo last year that Ronaldo’s shooting at Manchester United (hereafter Man United) was controversial, and Ronaldo was released from Manchester United. 먹튀검증

Kim Min-jae played an active role as a key defender in Napoli this season and played an active part as one of the main players in winning Serie A for the first time in 33 years. Kim Min-jae had a successful debut season in Naples, winning the Player of the Month award selected by the Serie A Secretariat in September of last year, being recognized as the league’s top player from the beginning of the season, and being nominated for the Team of the Year selected by the Serie A Secretariat.

Kim Min-jae’s possibility of becoming a man fashion is attracting attention recently. On the 16th, Old Trafford Faithful in England said, ‘Kim Min-jae has a relatively low buyout amount. In order for Manchester United to recruit Kim Min-jae, it is essential to finish fourth or better this season. Kim Min-jae has many clubs to choose from, and Manchester United must obtain a ticket to the Champions League to make it easier to recruit Kim Min-jae.”

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