K-League 2 (Part 2) Gimpo FC’s blast is unusual.

Gimpo won 2-1 with Kim Tae-han’s theater goal in the second half of extra time in the 9th round of ‘Hanawon Q K League 2 2023’ against FC Anyang held at Anyang Sports Complex on the 22nd. Gimpo continued their 8 match undefeated streak (5 wins, 3 draws) after opening with the victory. It has the same number of points as ‘Leader’ Kim Cheon (18 points, 6 wins, 2 losses, 14 goals), but is in second place, one goal behind in points. Along with Gyeongnam FC (4 wins and 4 draws) in 3rd place, it is an undefeated team that is ‘Uee’.

At the beginning of every season, there is bound to be a blast team. However, Gimpo’s move is different. Undefeated in 8 matches The content is even more surprising. With 13 goals, he is 4th in the most goals, and he is 1st in the least by conceding only 4 goals. The goal difference is ‘+9’, the highest in K League 2 along with Anyang. This means that the balance between air and water is the best. Gimpo, who entered the K-League 2 in the 2022 season, ranked 8th in a’surprising’ with bold attacking football. As much as bold forward pressure was put forward, weaknesses were inevitably exposed in the back space. Gimpo conceded the second most goals with 65 runs, following Ansan Greeners (67 runs).

The 2023 season is different. Coach Go Jeong-woon put a lot of effort into details ahead of this season. He was particularly focused on defense. He changed the lineup first. Kim Min-ho and Cho Sung-kwon joined the team, and a solid three-back was created. The pressure also added more sophistication. From the front to the waist, he is harassing the opponent with omnidirectional pressure regardless of location. 5 out of 8 matches are clean sheets.

However, they did not change the team color of Gimpo. He didn’t drop the defensive line and maintained his unique attacking style. Po-sik Kim’s ‘swarm soccer’ emphasized by coach Goh has been upgraded. The amount of activity is still high enough to make opponents stick out their tongues. Foreign players also do not rest. Here, the tactical framework has become more solid, and the detailed patterns have become more complete. Foreign players are also giving blows whenever needed. Lewis is the scoring leader with five goals. 온라인카지노

Of course, as the player base is thin, the current blast may not continue to the end. Coach Koh also draws a line, saying, “The playoffs are still not our goal” despite impressive results in the early stages. Nevertheless, we cannot ignore the gust of wind in Gimpo. It is because of the team’s ‘belief’ that no matter who comes forward, Gimpo can play. The turning point was the FA Cup against FC Seoul on the 12th. At that time, Gimpo carried out a massive rotation. It meant to focus on the league. However, Ilyuchenko, Kang Seong-jin, Han Seung-gyu, Lee Tae-seok, and Hwang Hyeon-soo played an impressive game against Rasun Seoul and won the match after a penalty shoot-out.Coach Goh smiled broadly after the victory over Seoul, saying, “One win is more valuable than three wins in the second division.” He explained, “For Gimpo to develop further, more players other than the best 11 must come up. The FA Cup against Seoul took a breather. The players lived up to their beliefs.” Afterwards, Koh made a bold change by trusting his backup players in matches against Ansan Greeners (3-2 win), Busan I-Park (1-0 win), and Anyang. The players succeeded in winning three consecutive victories with performances that broke expectations. There is more room in squad management. He passed the killing schedule of 5 games in 13 days with 4 wins and 1 draw. The fact that the strong team also exceeded the hellish schedule, which is not easy to digest, means that Gimpo has that much power. Maybe that’s why the current gust can lead to a ‘typhoon’.

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