Hana 1 Q, aiming to escape from the lower ranks, started team training.

Last season, Bucheon Hana 1Q lost its pride. Kim Do-wan was appointed as the new head coach, but time was not enough to change the team, which was soaked in defeat consciousness. As a result, it recorded 6 wins and 24 losses, and stayed at the bottom for two consecutive seasons. The improvement in performance in the sixth round was comforting.

After a short vacation, Hana 1Q started team training on the 17th. Excluding Kim Ha-na, Kim Mi-yeon, and Park Jin-young, who are in rehabilitation, the entire team joined. Kim Jong-un, who was recruited through a free agent (FA), is scheduled to join the team from May 8. This season, he is preparing to run again with the goal of escaping from the lower ranks.

In the first week of training, training is underway under the leadership of physical coach Kim Ik-gyeom, who has been with him since this season. Through stretching, he loosens up the muscles that were tight during the vacation and works hard to prevent injuries by training the muscles necessary for basketball. At the same time, he is trying to improve his physical condition through light shooting training. On the 20th, when the jump ball visited the Hanawon Q Cheongna Gymnasium, training focused on stretching was conducted.

Physical coach Kim Ik-gyeom said, “For the first four weeks, we train according to functional movement. As time passes in physical fitness, I get closer to basketball skills. Players have good potential. I am grateful to be able to train in a good environment with good players. I am just grateful that the players followed me harder than I thought.” 스포츠토토

Hana OneQ coach Kim Do-wan said, “I was with Kim Ik-gyeom’s physical coach during (Yongin) Samsung Life Insurance, so I trust him and entrust him. Until April, physical coach Kim Ik-gyeom plans to lead training except for the last 30 minutes of shooting practice. From next month, he plans to increase his shooting drill time and also conduct defense training at night.”

Hana 1Q will go to Taebaek, Gangwon-do for field training from May 15th to 28th after improving its condition in Cheongna for about a month. In Taebaek, he plans to start full-scale physical training.

Director Kim Do-wan said, “After building up my body to some extent, I plan to do physical training in Taebaek. He also has the goal of making the players build bonds while living together for about two weeks. Isn’t his physical training so hard? It would be nice to get some fresh air outside, eat delicious food, and change your mood.”

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