What will happen to the first season version in Korea? Lee Go-eun, the main setter who diligently worked with Pepper Savings Bank for a season, disappeared in an instant. 

In the 2022-23 season, Pepper Savings Bank was looking for a new command tower after former manager Kim Hyung-sil resigned voluntarily for poor performance. After searching for candidates at home and abroad, he joined hands with 38-year-old director Aachen Kim. 

Director Aachen Kim advanced Brown University to the NCAA round of 64 tournament for the first time in history in 2021. Aachen Kim, who recorded 13 wins and 1 loss that year, was also selected as the Ivy League Manager of the Year. The club side explained the background of the seniority, saying, “The United States, which has a wide base of players, has about 1,000 NCAA teams alone, and we paid attention to his leadership that brought the team to the round of 64 tournament.”

Last week, coach Aachen Kim, who conducted a written interview with this magazine, said, “The team will be convened from the 30th and will begin training from May 1st.”

What is the difference between Korean professional volleyball and American college volleyball? When asked about this, coach Aachen Kim said, “American middle blockers are faster and taller, while the V-League generally has a stronger serve than the NCAA.” The team is strong on defense,” he said.

In addition to data volleyball, coach Aachen Kim mentioned speed volleyball, especially fastball. When asked about the strategy that focuses on the fast attack, he said, “In the Asian quarter draft, which was recently held for the first time, we recruited middle blocker MJ Phillips.” I think the main task in the off-season will be to match the middle blocker’s breathing and arrange the middle blocker’s movements.”

Among them, Pepper Savings Bank drew attention by recruiting Park Jung-ah (former member of Korea Expressway Corporation) from the list of free agents (FA) released this year. 먹튀검증

Regarding this, coach Aachen Kim said, “The FA signed outside hitters such as Lee Han-bi, Chae Seon-ah, and Park Jung-ah, and the middle blocker was also reinforced. Between MJ Phillips and the existing core players, I hope that players who are specialized in moving attacks will develop.”

Among the basic skills, he focused on scoring ability. “I know it’s not as easy as it sounds,” he said.

However, on the 26th, the club created a great sensation by suddenly sending Lee Go-eun, the main setter, to the road construction instead of tying Lee Go-eun as a protected player as a free agent compensation player. Currently, the remaining setters at Pepper Savings Bank are Lee Hyeon, Gu Sol (currently in the middle blocker position), and Park Park, a composition of players that need training and skill reinforcement. As a result, it is expected that there will be a big change in the tactical board made by the coach. 

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