Sanchez is leaving San Francisco.

The Athletic’s Andrew Baggerly said on May 3 (Korean time) that Gary Sanchez will announce an opt-out and leave the San Francisco Giants.

After failing to find a new team in the free agent market last winter, Sanchez signed a minor league contract with San Francisco on April 2. It was a contract that would receive an annual salary of $ 4 million if he was on the big league roster. The contract also included an opt-out clause. If he does not make it to the big league roster by May 3, he has the right to declare an opt-out and leave the team. 카지노사이트

“San Francisco did not include Sanchez on their big league roster today. Sanchez opted out,” Baggerly said. It is better to go to the free agent market and find a new team that can climb the big league roster than remain with the Triple-A team under San Francisco.

Sanchez didn’t call up Sanchez for a reason. Sanchez appeared in 16 Triple-A games for the Sacramento River Cats, but only recorded .164/.319/.182 with eight RBIs and one steal. He had no reason to call a player with a .501 OPS into the major leagues.

Born in the Dominican Republic in 1992, Utuuta catcher Sanchez was a top prospect for the New York Yankees and was their starting catcher. He made his big league debut with the Yankees in 2015, played for the Yankees through the 2021 season, and spent the 2022 season with the Minnesota Twins. The total record of 8 seasons in the big leagues is 666 games, .225/.311/.467, 154 homers and 401 RBIs.

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