“I will never play for Manchester United again.”

Manchester United’s Mason Greenwood made this bombshell declaration. He means that he will leave first because he has no attachments to Manchester United anymore.

Britain’s The Sun reported on the 29th that Greenwood said this to his friends. Who is Mason Greenwood? He is a star branded as a ‘sex offender’ in Manchester United’s divinity. Of course, his criminal charges were dismissed as the prosecution was dropped, but the club and fans have set ‘no return’ for him. He, of course, did not publicize it.

You can tell from Man Utd’s actions so far. Greenwood has been on trial for allegedly assaulting her girlfriend and others in January of last year.

However, all of these charges were dropped in early February. It was thanks to her witnesses refusing to testify, including her girlfriend, who said she was assaulted.

However, Greenwood, who became ‘innocent’, is unable to return to Manchester United. Some Manchester United players objected, and all of the club’s women players issued a statement and resolutely refused to return.

Man United club, in an embarrassing position, banned Greenwood from entering the training ground. The reason was until the end of the self-investigation. In fact, it was in the hands of the players. In the meantime, coach Eric ten Haag spoke with him on the phone, and some players met with Greenwood to hear his story. But Manchester United still ban him from the training ground.

Manchester United said in February that “the club will now go through its own process before deciding on next steps” and “we will not comment further on Greenwood until that process is complete.” 안전놀이터

Three months have passed since then, but United have not yet taken any action. It’s just wasting time.

Now that the season is coming to an end, Greenwood appears to have made up his mind to step down from Manchester United himself. Greenwood is said to have communicated his intention to play abroad to his friends.

According to The Sun, Greenwood believes continuing his career at Manchester United is no longer possible.

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