Seongnam FC set a goal of 5,000 average spectators this season and made a strong commitment to a new start and leap for the team.

Seongnam set a goal of 5,000 Seongnam FC average spectators for the 2023 season at the Seongnam FC Clubhouse on the 16th, with CEO Kim Young-ha, secretariat staff, and all the players including coach Lee Ki-hyung in attendance.

On this day, the secretariat and the players faithfully fulfilled their respective roles and worked together to achieve the goal of 5,000 net average spectators. 토토사이트

This pledge is to strengthen the fan culture of Seongnam FC, which celebrates the 10th anniversary of the 2024 season as a citizen club, expand Seongnam citizens’ soccer viewing culture, and strengthen performance by boosting players’ morale. It is a bold goal set to create an opportunity to establish an identity.

In addition, by achieving the goal, the club is determined to increase its own brand and business value and move forward as a historic club.

In addition to various home game events, the club promised to achieve the above pledge without fail by planning various activities such as active promotion and promotion of home games by executives and employees, revitalization of club-linked communities, membership conversion and fan events based on digital information.

Seongnam FC CEO Kim Young-ha said, “This year is a very important year for Seongnam FC as it is the year Seongnam FC is stepping into a new leapfrog. We will do our best to continue the reputation of Seongnam FC.”

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