Hanyu Island (34, SSG Landers) was the only captain of the only ‘Wire to Wire’ team in the history of the KBO League last year.

It wasn’t easy. Looking at the results, it is the first honor in the history of the KBO League. However, the ball was round, and the result could not be guaranteed. The stress of the players who had to keep the ranking while digesting the season was considerable. It was only natural that the burden on Hanyu Island, who insisted on bringing them all together, was greater.

In an interview with this magazine, Hanyu Island said, “It is true that it was a burden towards the end of the season. I didn’t try it. I didn’t even want to think about it.” Of course, Hanyu Island and SSG overcame the burden. Hanyu Island said, “I think I was very happy that I finally did it.”

After going wire-to-wire in the regular season, SSG won the Korean Series (KS) with 4 wins and 2 losses. However, Hanyu-seom injured his hamstring during base play in Game 6 and lifted the championship cup on crutches. Currently, he is recovering smoothly. He said, “I started treatment and rehabilitation right after the series ended. My current condition has improved a lot, and I am trying to improve my condition.” He is rehabilitating by increasing the intensity.”

Even in 2023, SSG’s captain is Hanyu Island. Hanyusum said, “The coach asked me. People around me said, ‘Isn’t it not enough to be the captain of the winning team after one year? There was a difficult part because I couldn’t express it.” He said, “Still, my colleagues helped me so well that I think I did well last season,” and promised, “I’m going to play one more season, and I’ll do the same as I used to and try to create a good team atmosphere.” 메이저사이트

Hanyu Island did not contribute to the team only as a captain. He played most of the season as the number 4 hitter (360 at-bats). He had the share of hitting 4 times with 100 RBIs in the season, but RBIs within 1 run of those RBIs were 67 RBIs, which was first in the entire league. Hanyusum said, “The RBI pace at the beginning of the season was really fast. So, at some point, I became greedy.” Metallurgical metallurgical RBIs piled up and reached 100 RBIs. I want to praise myself for that part.”

The goal for 2023 is of course to win, but I want to avoid the burden. Hanyusum said, “I always start with a blank slate before the start of the season. I don’t know what will happen, but I’m a professional to do my best in my role.” It’s not right. Because I’m just a defending champion and a pro, it’s natural to work hard on the ground. I want to tell my teammates that I want them to play baseball happily without burden.”

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